Monday, August 30, 2010

SETEC - Playing Soccer

Remember the time we were playing soccer together with joy and fun..., I guess. But, soccer is not our purpose :D, do not ask me why. We always play at the same place, in front of PUC's Main Campus, from Monday to Friday and sometimes Saturday or Sunday. It is a perfect place to fulfill our purpose.

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This is one of the best break dancer groups. They've done their best, especially a man in the blue T-shirt. He is the team leader. See? His action is awesome. The right hand is pointing to the sky and the left hand is putting on his chest praying for god to help his team to win this competition. That's the best break dancing's style I've ever seen. But, the fact can not be avoided. The team was failed. Not because their performing was not good, but the reason was all the judges said that, "Your team leader is not a human being, but an old monkey. We can not pass you through, sorry!!! :("

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Have you ever seen Cellcard Stars? Well, here is your lucky chance. All these people above are the Cellcard Stars. What do you think?

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He told me that I always made him look short when I took him a photograph. I didn't agree with that argument. But If I look over again and again, Yeah, he looked so short in this picture, didn't he?... :D

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